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Pitch Roof Coverings (Introduction)

Pitch Roof Coverings

A pitch roof is a roof with a slope of ten degrees or more. Skyline Roofing Company undertake pitch roofing work with both natural slates and man made tiles:

Natural slates

  • Traditional slates.

  • Welsh slates.

  • Yorkshire grey stone slates.

  • Cedar shingles.

Natural slates have a colour determined by the mineral it came from.

Man made tiles

  • Metal tiles.

  • Clay roof tiles.

  • Concrete roof tiles.

  • Fibre cement.

Man made tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. The customer can choose what they want.

Procedure for recovering a pitch roof
We securely fastened these in place according to British Standards and the manufacturers guidelines:
1) Remove the existing roof covering (unless it's a new build).
2) Inspect the structural roof timbers for rot and erosion.
3) Introduce ventilation with a vented system and in the form of a breathable felt membrane.
4) Battening out with the appropriate timber battens.
5) Covering the roof with the chosen roof covering.
6) Install either lead or fibreglass waterproofing for any breaks in the roof, such as chimney stacks or dormer windows.
7) Mechanically fix ridge tiles to form a dry ridge system.
Pitch roof coverings come with a fifteen-year guarantee.

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