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Choosing a Contractor

When you are choosing a contractor there are certain factors that you must consider:

Public and employers Liability Insurance
By law a contractor should have public liability insurance. If a contractor has one or more employees or uses subcontractors, then they must also have employees insurance. Roofing is a high-risk occupation, because it involves working at height and working with heat. If an uninsured contractor has an accident on site, you may end up paying for their misfortune. When you ask prospective contractors if they have these two insurance policies, you may be surprised at how many of them cannot produce these documents. Even if a contractor is insured the policy may have a height restriction or may not cover them to use heat; these two factors are the riskiest involved in roofing. Skyline Roofing Company have these two policies. Our policies have no height restrictions placed on us, enabling us work at any height. Our policies also cover the use of heat, enabling us to work with: hot air guns; flat roofing torches and bitumen boilers. Our policies cover us to work on domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

Planning Permission
From the 1st of October 2008 it has been compulsory to submit a building notice to the local planning department for a new roof covering. Should a building inspector call on the site, they will insist on a building notice for the work that is in progress. When the work is completed the customer should receive a completion certificate. If the contractor does not apply for planning permission and the customer has no completion certificate, it will be classed as unauthorised work. This will cause problems for you, the customer, if at any time you decide to sell your property. Skyline Roofing Company will apply for planning permission for you and provide you with a completion certificate. The cost of this will be included in the price that we quote you.

Building Regulations

At Skyline Roofing Company we will adhere to all relevant building regulations.

Previous Bankruptcy or Insolvency
Ask the contractor if they were bankrupt or insolvent in the past. Many contractors become bankrupt more than once. When a contractor becomes bankrupt they don’t honour their guarantees.

The satisfied customers page on our website has testimonials from previous customers. We have other testimonials available on request.

Vehicle Graphics

Skyline Roofing Company vehicles are sign written; we are proud of who we are, so we publicise it. We may occasionally use a specialist subcontractor, who has a non-sign written vehicle, but all Skyline Roofing Company vehicles are sign written.

We hope the above information helps you to make a more informed choice of contractor. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding the information above. We all want to avoid bad experiences with the so called ‘cowboy element’, you for obvious reasons and us for the distrust that they create for our trade. At Skyline Roofing Company we are thorough throughout the job. It’s your property it’s our reputation.

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